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Monitoring Software for Mac OS X

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Do you wish to know your child email details? Are you worried about your spouse secret chat conversations? Wonders what all USB devices are accessed by your spouse in your absence when operating Apple Mac machines.

Our team of professionals creates high quality and simple to use Apple Mac machine monitoring and surveillance software to record overall activities when working on it. Mac Log Manager provides perfect answer to all such questions as fully capable to record various activities performed when working on Apple Mac OS X machines. The high quality monitoring software for mac machine helps to know the complete details including your Child internet usage, Employees system activities in complete secrecy mode.

To better understand mac osx keylogger program, use download section of mac keylogger to understand features and working capabilities. Place online order to obtain full featured version of mac keylogger program

  • Internet usage monitoring Software easily records typed keystrokes in every application.
  • Remote monitoring programs for Mac quickly records clipboard contents.
  • Internet monitoring systems helps to monitor network activity including password, Web URLS, chat conversations and other internet activities.
  • Internet use monitor software is fully capable to record chat conversation, incoming and outgoing emails, typed password and other online activities.
  • Internet usage monitor software is useful for monitoring activities of external users performed on Mac machine like typed web URLs, composed emails, both side chat details and other internet activities.
  • Social media monitoring tools are beneficial for monitoring social media websites like facebook, myspace, twitter activities like chat, messages and other activities performed.
  • Email monitor software is helpful for monitoring the internet activities with screenshots at regular time of intervals.
  • Software to monitor internet usage provides hotkey combination or run command settings to unhide the software when running in hidden mode.
  • Software to monitor computer use runs in complete hidden mode.