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Monitoring Software - Basic

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Software Overview

free keylogger is ultimate keyboard monitoring software lets you know what is going on your PC while you are away, and this is completely legal. Software records keyboard activities including what user type in chat messages, outgoing emails and documents using popular text editors or even their internet browsing habits (typed url’s) in hidden log file. Software combines stealth monitoring and log delivery via email to keep eye on user’s activities even from any distant location. If you need to monitor your child internet activities or to watch your employee’s activities during working hours, Key logger software is the unrivaled solution for everyone ranging from Home to Office users.

Hidden program monitoring software does not show and remains undetected from any user using the PC. System monitoring program secretly delivers log activities to your mailbox so that you can extract the keystroke activity details from any remote location.

Software features
  • Computer monitoring system easily records entire typed keystrokes performed by the users on computer.
  • Internet monitoring tool has ability to monitor web activities as well as keyboard typed activities like user name, password, website URLs and other activities performed by the users when you are away.
  • PC activity monitor software is fully capable to provide full detail of each key pressed along with the date and time of each session.
  • Computer monitoring software works in hidden mode and does not appear on desktop, Add/Remove programs, control panel even hidden in installation path.
  • Internet monitor software quickly records all typed keystrokes in encrypted file that can be sent at user specified email address.
  • Computer activities monitor download program generates recorded key stroke report in .txt or .html file format as per user choice.
  • Network activity monitor software provides backup of recorded details of PC as well as internet activity for future uses.
  • Social media monitoring tools monitor and record Facebook, Myspace and other social networking sites activities performed by the users on their computer system.
  • Employee monitor software helps in monitoring employees activities in hidden way. Now you can easily watch what your employees do on computer during office hours.